Concrete Architects and Engineers in Phoenix Arizona

Concrete Foundation Design

We have a team of dependable concrete Architects, Engineers, and Estimators to help design or quote your next concrete project from parking lots to sports stadiums. We use Plan Grid for takeoffs and handle every aspect of concrete work for every project from the foundation to the sidewalks

Concrete Construction Companies Phoenix Arizona - Oso Concrete

Timely Completion of Concrete and Excavation Projects

We work 7 days a week to maximize efficiency and stay ahead of schedule. We spend a lot of time planning and preparing for your project before we begin construction to help identify problems before they occur. Once your concrete project is scheduled, our production managers and foremen will make sure it goes as planned and keep you informed throughout the entire process. Our office and labor force are connected with the same software for quick communication

Concrete Construction Companies Phoenix Arizona - Oso Concrete

We Work Well with General Contractors

We're a General Contractors secret weapon in quality production concrete work and we operate 7 days a week. We're able to provide production concrete estimates quickly and accurately by importing the plans thru Plan Grid and collaborating together in real time throughout the entire project. All change orders and schedule changes are quickly sent to our production team in real time. We value B2B working relationships. We get more done on the weekends then most concrete contractors do all week

Concrete Removal Service Phoenix Arizona

Concrete Removal, Cutting, Breaking and Haul Away

We are experts in concrete demo and removal in Phoenix Arizona and have the right equipment and staff to get the job done quickly. We own all of our own equipment from jackhammers to dump trucks. We have a team of project engineers ready to plan and coordinate your next concrete demo or removal project on time. We work 7 days a week to stay ahead of schedule and on budget

Concrete Construction Companies Phoenix Arizona - Oso Concrete

Excavation and Foundation Prep

We have a team of dedicated professionals to Excavate, Prep, and Manage your site from concept to handover for all aspects of concrete foundations and concrete foundations. We use a series of high quality software systems to manage our construction projects making information instantly available to everyone involved with electronic document and contracts

Concrete Construction Companies Phoenix Arizona - Oso Concrete

Concrete Pumping

We have the best concrete pumps and pump operators for any size project including basements to high rise buildings. Concrete pumping allows us to pour concrete in areas where concrete trucks cannot access and makes the pouring process way faster. We only provide concrete pumping services for our projects so we have full control of the process

Concrete Construction Companies Phoenix Arizona - Oso Concrete

Reasons to Choose Oso Concrete as your next Concrete Contractor in Phoenix Arizona

We care about your experience with our company and welcome you to interact with us in many ways. We offer in person meetings at our office, onsite visits, online video conferences, and Construction Cloud communication and of course email and phone support

Leading the way with Concrete Foundation Construction in Phoenix, Arizona

We use AutoCad to quickly import your plans for takeoffs and provide quotes within 24 hours for simple projects and reasonable response times for larger, commercial projects. Getting estimates requires stamped drawings for accurate results. We can provide estimates and bids for projects without plans but may require a site survey for accurate estimates. We do charge of on site estimates so contact us today to get started

Concrete Construction Companies Phoenix Arizona - Oso Concrete

Customers and Contractors love us for being dependable and on top of our game as a concrete contractor in Phoenix, Arizona

Oso Concrete has a team of concrete professionals ready to tackle any size project in Arizona so call, click, or come by today. ROC 332187

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We can assist with every aspect of the concrete project from design to permits