Oso Concrete Arizona Foundation Professionals

We have a team of concrete professionals ready to handle any size concrete project from parking lots to sports complexes in Arizona and have a CR9 Commercial and Residential License ROC 332187

We use the right project management and estimating software

We have the right software to quote, manage, and collaborate directly with general contractors during the entire project. Our software allows us to import and quote plans with lightning speed. Find us on Bid Board

Highly Qualified Staff and Management

We have a team of professionals ready to handle your project from start to finish. All of our employees are uniformed, trained and connected to get your concrete project completed on time. We work 7 days a week to keep projects and schedules on time

Laser Guided Grading and the right Equipment

We own all of our equipment, transportation vehicles, and trailers to get the job done quickly and efficiently without delays or waiting for equipment to become available. We use laser guided graders and leveling devises for perfect results

Metal Building Foundation and Slab Design

We can provide stamped plans for any size metal building including the footings, slab, sidewalks, curbs, and dumpster enclosures. Send us your metal building plans today for a quick review and price quote for the plans and the concrete work

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Concrete and Asphault Cutting and Breaking

We offer soft and dry concrete cutting for new slabs. Concrete demo or removal may require cutting or breaking with heavy equipment to maximize space in the dump truck or trailer. We stack the slabs to eliminate wasted trips to the dump and wasted driving time saving us both time and money

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Concrete and Asphault Demo - Old Concrete Removal

We can remove old concrete including slabs, driveways, parking lots, or sidewalks. We can handle the entire process from permits to haul away. We have state of the art concrete breaking and cutting equipment to get the job done fast and efficiently

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Concrete Footing and Foundation Excavation

We are experts in concrete excavation using the latest and greatest laser guided digging equipment for extremely accurate footings and grade leveling equipment. You will see less employees on our jobsites and be blown away at our efficiency. We believe in technology and accuracy in everything we do

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Concrete Drilling

We provide concrete drilling and anchoring for pallet racks, metal buildings, dumpster enclosures, light poles, and exterior wall packs up to 40 feet high. We require stamped plans for structural anchoring such as beams and buildings

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Concrete Pumping

We use the best concrete pumps available to minimize delays at the jobsite. When we show up to pour concrete you can rest assured we will get it done quickly and on time. Concrete companies that rely or rented concrete pumps can sometimes be at the mercy of others

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Oso Concrete is leading the way in concrete construction in Arizona

We're passionate about concrete and super focused on getting the job done right the first time. We have an amazing staff to handle everything from planning to occupancy so call, click or come by today to start your next project or vendor relationship

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