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We've invested a lot of time and money in our equipment and outfitted them with the best accessories
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Our Equipment

Gomaco Commander III Slip Form Paving Machine with GPS

Our Commander III can be set up using string lines or operate completely by GPS making this machine perfect for high production. We have several molds for curb and gutter work and can also pour Monolithic Side Walk with curb and gutter with one pass. Only a few of these Commander 3 machines are in Phoenix and we have one of them 

Laser Grader with Roller

Our Skid Steer mounted GPS Grader allows us to quickly level ABC pads or prep for sidewalks and pads. We use this attachment with our JCB Teleskid for high efficiency.  

JCB Backhoe

Our 4-Wheel Drive JCB Backhoe is a beast and has a complete cab with A/C to keep our operators cool during the summer and protect them from dust 


We use a fleet of Hydrovacking Trucks for areas around utilities

Komatsu PC55 Track Hoe with Laser-Guided Tilt Bucket

We added over $50,000 in accessories to our PC55 Track Hoe including a Laser-Guided bucket for one-man excavations that keeps the bucket perfectly on Grade and our Tilt Coupler allows us to dig under pipes, along walls, and keep the bucket straight even if the machine is not  

Gannon Box Grader with Front Bucket and Forks

Our 4-Wheel Drive Grader Special pulls a Gannon Box Blade for quick spreading and leveling. We also have a super wide box blade for bigger projects

Hybrid JCB Articulated 40' Boom Lift

Our Hybrid boom lift is a fully electric, 4-wheel drive lift with an onboard generator, air lines, and lights. This lift can be used indoors or out and can operate 24/7    

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    Our Support Vehicles and Equipment

    Dump Trucks and Trailers

    We have several size dump trailers from single axle to our 2023 Jet Side Dump for any size demo jobs

    Support Vehicles

    We use Kubota Diesel 4-Wheel Drive carts with dump beds and 4-person seating to get around big job sites and guide in the Concrete trucks   

    Articulated Loaders

    Our Articulated Loaders are perfect on any job site with a ton of attachments like buckets, forks, concrete mixers, dozer blades, and pressure washers. We prefer these machines over skid steers when working over existing pavement or grass to minimize damage to the ground

    Nissan High Top Vans

    We use Nissan High Top Vans to keep our tools locked up and organized. They are always stored indoors at night  

    Drilling & Concrete Equipment!

    Drilling Equipment

    We can drill any size foundation from Light Poles to Bridge Piles

    Concrete Breaking and Removal

    We have the best concrete breaking equipment available including Hydraulic Breakers and Hydraulic Jack Hammers. Our Articulated loaders and TeleSkid both boom out giving us extended reach capabilities  

    Onsite Concrete Mixing

    We can mix concrete onsite for smaller projects or hard to reach areas giving us more control over your project

    Warehouse & Office!

    We get down with concrete work in Phoenix Arizona

    Let’s build your future
    dream together!