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The page is not intended for individuals under the age of 18 or anyone not under contract with our company or anyone who has not contacted us over the phone, in person, or via email

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If you have questions, or if you would like to make a complaint, please contact us by e‑mail at or by mail using the details provided below: 

Oso Concrete
Re: Dispute Resolution Officer 
Oso Concrete LLC, 2300 N Black Canyon Hwy, Phoenix AZ 85009, United States

We prefer a detailed, written explanation of the complaint to better help us resolve the issue including who you spoke to, dates, and a overview of the complaint. We will promptly reply to your complaint in writing to minimize misunderstandings 


The Oso Concrete Team would be more than happy to resolve your issue(s) either directly, by arbitration, mediation, or other means to quickly resolve the issue. We value time and understand the frustration and time involved in solving a disputes or misunderstandings as long as the complaint is valid.


We are really good people and yes we make mistakes but most misunderstandings or mistakes can be resolved without a lot of drama or frustration. Please give us the chance to resolve any conflicts or mistakes before jumping to conclusions. We value you as a customer and would love the opportunity to fix our mistakes or misunderstandings before taking it to the next level


Unfortunately some people will choose to threaten us with a negative review, slander our reputation, bash us online, “tell everyone they know how terrible we are” or try to verbally abuse our staff. This behavior will not be tolerated and you will be reported to the police for harassment. All calls are recorded and will be used against you for harassment charges

Please treat our staff with respect and we will do the same   


Before we start any project you will be given a legal binding agreement outlining the project in detail. We choose to do this in writing to eliminant or minimize disagreements.

We will not deviate or alter these written agreements for anyone. They are put in place for a reason and you may not pick and choose what you agree to once they are signed


Change orders have a special section and we will only follow written agreements, no exceptions