How to Estimate Structural Steel for Construction Projects.

Structural steel is the key to any concrete foundation or high-rise building and basically supports the concrete and the structure. In the construction world, structural engineers will base the structural steel on every type of load imaginable including the weight of the structure, the soil surface, and wind loads. These calculations will vary drastically based on these factors.

The best way to estimate structural steel is to review a set of stamped plans from a structural engineer. Companies like Oso Concrete in Phoenix Arizona uses AutoCad software to review the plans and basically X-ray the plans using a takeoff tool that allows us to zoom in on the structural steel requirements and provide a detailed estimate or bid including sizes and procedures for the foundation.

There is not a simple way to estimate structural steel without some special tools and training on how to read and understand plans unless it’s a simple pad or sidewalk.

It’s always best to choose a concrete contractor who understands this process and will follow the structrial steel plans in detail not only for the estimate but missing things on the plans can also mean they could get missed at time of construction.

In any case, we recommend using a licensed concrete contractor who will provide a detailed estimate based on the scope of work of more details on the quote.