Rebar Cage Fabrication Phoenix Arizona

Oso Concrete is a full-service rebar cage fabrication company in Phoenix Arizona specializing in light pole cages, pile cages, and Cessations. We can build the cages in-house and deliver them or build the cages onsite using rebar tying guns for speed and efficiency

We can build rebar cages up to #10 bar up to 36 feet long with any size diameter rings you need

We also sell anchor bolts and custom bold templates for any size project in Arizona

Most rebar cage fabrication is priced by the pound ranging from $0.65 to $1.65 per pound for tying and building the cages in-house plus the cost of rebar and bending

We can also drill the holes using Augers or Hydrovac the holes for you

Oso Concrete is a full-service Commercial Concrete Contractor in Phoenix Arizona that can handle the entire process from start to finish 

Contact us today at 602-603-5160 or send the plans to us for a quote


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