How Much Does It Cost to Build a Concrete Trash or Dumpster Enclosure in Phoenix, Arizona?

Commercial Dumpster Enclosure Cost

Surprisingly, they are very complex because of the weight and abuse they must handle. Commercial Dumpster enclosures will need to have a strong foundation with rebar support to prevent breaking and shifting during use. Send your requirements to us today to get the ball rolling. We can handle the entire project from start to finish.

Dumpster Pad Foundation Companies Phoenix Arizona
Dumpster Pad Foundation Companies Phoenix Arizona

Dumpster enclosure slabs are usually thicker than normal concrete slabs to handle the weight of the trucks and waste containers banging on the floor.

They normally have heavy steel gates with thick steel poles either bolted or embedded into the foundation for support. 

They also require concrete-filled steel poles along the inside back wall called bollards so the dumpsters don’t ram the block wall if the trash company pushes the dumpster in too far.

Most dumpster enclosures in Phoenix have a 3-sided block wall that’s also supported by rebar that’s installed in the foundation making the construction cost increase.

Architect and engineering plans will vary for these enclosures including size and building details like single-door, double-door, and 4-door models for multiple dumpsters.

The average cost to dig and pour a dumpster enclosure foundation will range between $19 to $38 per square foot plus the cost of the block wall and gates.

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