Concrete Light Pole Base Contractors Phoenix AZ

Oso Concrete is a commercial concrete contractor in Phoenix, Arizona specializing in concrete light pole bases, flag pole bases, street light bases, and windmill foundations.

Commercial Concrete Contractors in Phoenix, Arizona

The most common light pole bases in Phoenix Arizona are 24″ for most parking lots. We work directly with the General Contractor or electrical contractor to get the job done right the first time.

Concrete Light Pole Bases

We use special templates to hold the bolts in place during the construction for super-accurate results. We offer completely smooth or spiral Sono tubes for the exterior finish.

Light pole templates

Oso Concrete in Phoenix Arizona owns all of the equipment necessary to install or remove light pole bases including layout, drilling, rebar tieing, form setting, trenching, and finishing of the bases. We can also install and level the light poles after the bases have been cured.

Light Pole Augers

We will require approved drawings and survey staking before we can quote or begin work for larger or new construction of light pole bases. Most light pole bases will require at least 1 cubic yard of concrete and #3 and #4 rebar inside but that will vary depending on the property soil, impact, and wind load calculations.

After the survey, blue staking, or light pole, locations have been determined we can start drilling the holes and forming the tubes. We then install the rebar and set the bolts.

The bases are now ready for the electrical contractor to install ground rods and conduit and wait for inspection. After the inspection is approved we can schedule pouring the concrete.

After the concrete is poured we wait about a week to strip the forms so the electrician can wire and install the light poles. Concrete reaches its full strength in about 28 days.